• Uncover the exceptional quality of our artisan-made goods

  • Our candles are made with coconut wax, allowing for a slow, even burn and amazing scent throw

  • Our packaging is reusable and eco-friendly

Discover Your Travel Scent

Let Fragrance Be Your Passport

Buckle up and say goodbye to those post-vacation blues as our curated scents transport you to the places that hold a special spot in your heart.

Whether it's the sweet tropical scent of an Exotic Hiatus in the Caribbean, the earthy musk of a Safari Drive, the delicate florals of a Victorian B&B or just the Golden Moments that are full of zest.

Through our coconut wax candles blended with high-quality fragrance oils (we did not come to play, Lol) we aim to create a haven where wanderlust meets comfort.

Because any true travel lover knows frequent vacations is essential to selfcare.

Discover Your Scent

Our Story

Time and time again after returning home from vacation, Founder & Artisan Alisha Shanelle would often feel post-vacation blues, dreading the return to the daily grind and the 9-5 race often felt like a trap in comparison to the freedom and happiness she experienced while on vacation.

Longing to stay on a getaway indefinitely- (a girl can dream Lol!) it sparked the need to create a daily escape. Pairing her love of fragrance, travel & decor that is when Golden Adorns Living took flight January 2020.

Imagine each candle as a ticket to a familiar spot or a must-visit destination, taking travel lovers on a scent journey that's full of memories and relaxation.


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